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Which LED Eye Protection Table Lamp Is Used By Students?
Sep 25, 2018

The LED desk lamp must be safe and harmless; when the student reads and writes, the LED desk lamp is closest to the brain, and must be used to ensure that the student does not produce photoelectric thermal radiation, infrared rays or ultraviolet light invisible damage. LED desk lamps must be comfortable and glare-free; glare is the killer of myopia. If students learn in a glare environment, they are prone to nausea, migraine, physical discomfort and even loss of vision and other physical symptoms.

Table lamps generally have two mounting methods: base and clip. If the child is small, it is best to use a clip-mounted desk lamp to prevent the desk lamp from falling and hurting the child. If you choose a desk lamp with a base, you need to ensure that the desk lamp does not fall when the table is tilted by 6 degrees.


LED desk lamps must be highly color-developing; the higher the color rendering, the more realistic the color of the LED desk lamp. High color rendering LED table lamps are not easy to cause visual confusion and misalignment, which can effectively prevent myopia and improve learning efficiency. The color temperature of commonly used LED light sources is from 2700K for warm colors to 6500K for white light. The desk lamp used by students for reading is recommended to be 4200K. 4200K The color temperature of the sun for the summer in the mainland from 9 to 10 o'clock. If it is the weather in Hainan or coastal cities, it corresponds to the color temperature of the sun around 8 o'clock in the summer. The LED light source currently used in the market is mainly blue light excitation LED technology. This technology is above 5000K, the blue light is high, and the higher the color temperature, the more blue light. Student reading and writing desk lamps are not recommended to use color temperatures above 5000K.

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