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Which Aspects Should Be Considered When Buying A Desk Lamp
Jun 14, 2018

The most basic requirement of buying a desk lamp that is satisfactory is that the lighting effect is good, followed by eye protection and environmental protection, and it can not only focus on the price and brand, mainly from the following aspects:

1. Power and luminous flux: The power should be selected to be more than 16 watts, and the luminous flux should be greater than 1200 LM. Some fake and shoddy products, if phosphors are used instead of luminescent media, even if the power is great, the luminous flux will not reach this standard.

2. Color temperature: The color temperature of the light source is mainly high, medium, and low. The low color temperature is a yellowish warm tone, the high color temperature is a cool white color, and the medium color temperature is a soft light. These three grades are suitable for what is obvious.

3.Color Rendering: In simple terms, when you buy a desk lamp, take a color photo and compare it with light and natural light. To see the difference, the smaller the deviation, the better the quality.

4. Illumination: To be straightforward is to turn on the desk lamp and see the area covered by the light it projects. Observe whether the distribution of light is even, and whether the degree of lightness is particularly noticeable. These differences cannot be too great.

5. Shade standard: Follow two points, the shade can not be too deep, the top must have holes or gaps, so that the light scattering area is large, and a good degree of heat dissipation, can meet the daily learning, work and life.

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