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May 19, 2017

★ High-quality Light Source is the basis of green lighting. High-quality light sources should have the following three characteristics.

First, there should be no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectral composition. Long-term excessive acceptance of ultraviolet rays, not only easily cause keratitis, but also the lens, retina, choroid and other injuries. Infrared very easy to be absorbed by water, too much infrared radiation through the eye lens aggregation is a lot of absorption, over time, the lens will undergo degeneration, resulting in cataract.

Second, the color temperature should be close to natural light. People live in natural light for a long time, and the human eye is adaptable to natural and visually effective.

Third, the lighting is no frequency flash. Ordinary fluorescent lamp power supply frequency of 50 Hz, indicating light 100 times per second, is a low frequency flash, will make the adjustment of the human eye organs in a tense state, resulting in visual fatigue. If the frequency of light increases to hundreds of, tens of thousands of Hz above-to become high-frequency, the human eye will not have a stroboscopic sensation, but the real flicker is DC power supply or semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices (such as LED light-emitting diodes) emitted by the light known as the frequency-free flash.

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