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May 19, 2017

★ LED is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices: A small size, light weight, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, high security, high color purity, directional good, low maintenance cost, environmental pollution-free and so on.

★ LED Lighting is a green light source: low working voltage, less power consumption, stable performance, long life (generally 100,000 hours), shock resistance, strong vibration resistance, LED lighting products to provide quality light environment, enhance the lighting efficiency of the illumination system, no infrared and ultraviolet components, high color and strong luminous directionality; good dimming performance, color temperature change will not produce visual error, cold light source low calorific value, can be safe to touch, improve glare, reduce and eliminate light pollution. 0 stroboscopic, does not cause the eye to produce the fatigue phenomenon. No electromagnetic radiation, to eliminate radioactive pollution to protect the brain. It can not only provide a comfortable light space, but also to meet the needs of human physiology and health, is a healthy source of environmental protection. Long-term use can protect eyesight, prevent myopia.


1, the price is expensive;

2. There is a great gap between the optical efficiency and the theoretical light efficiency.

3, the life expectancy and the theoretical life (10w hours) still have a great gap;

4, still have a certain calorific value;

5. Light decay can also be greatly reduced.

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