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How To Choose A Table Lamp With Less Eye Damage?
Jul 16, 2018

Whether the so-called "eye protection table lamp" sold on the market is really eye-protecting is not guaranteed. According to the weekly quality report, less than 2% of the more than 170 table lamps that are sampled are fully qualified! Therefore, to buy a lamp, first of all, abandon the word "eye protection"! So how do you choose a table lamp that has less eye damage?


1. Check the mark--CCC, CQC certification is essential

Products that have been certified by the National Compulsory Product Certification System (3C Certification) and China Quality Certification Center (CQC) are selected. CCC certified products have basic security guarantees, and products must pass this certification before they can be sold in the market.

2. Look at the parameters - color temperature, color, illuminance up to standard

Color development: the degree of reduction of the color of the object, the higher the color rendering, the better the reduction of the color of the object. From the standard, the color rendering index >= 82, the higher the better. For those who have higher requirements for color rendering, such as painting, you can choose a desk lamp with a color rendering index >=90.

Illuminance: The luminous flux that a light source projects on a unit area. In layman's terms, the brightness of the source on the read/write work surface. The greater the illuminance value, the better the visual experience. According to the national standard GB / T 20145-2006, the illuminance should be >= 500 lux (lux).

Color temperature: the color of the light, theoretically the yellow light is soft, suitable for reading needs. The color temperature of indoor lighting products should be

3. Anti-Blu-ray - Select non-hazardous products

High blue light content can cause damage to the retina. LED products only ensure that the blue light is "no hazard level" or "low hazard level" is suitable for general lighting. Therefore, it is best to choose a table lamp labeled "Non-Hazard, RG0".

4. No stroboscopic - "non-scratch" is optimal

The human eye is marked with "no stroboscopic" on low-frequency flickering lamps below 50 Hz. The stroboscopic frequency is higher than the response speed of the human eye, thus reducing the damage to the eyeball. When choosing, it is best to choose " Undetectable "level lamp.

5. Re-experience - uniform illumination without glare

Illumination uniformity: The reaction is the light and dark distribution of the light source. The illumination is uneven, there is a bright or too dark spot, and the pupil needs to be constantly adjusted. Working in such a lighting environment can easily cause visual fatigue. Therefore, when purchasing a desk lamp, it is necessary to select a desk lamp with a smaller illumination uniformity.

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