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May 19, 2017

★ Enjoy modern lighting to avoid the effects of bad lighting on human health. Experts suggest that when indoor lighting must be used, lighting Five principles should be grasped:

1, the use of extensive lighting, light should be exposed to the entire desktop;

2, the use of uniform lighting, each part of the illumination level should be consistent;

3, maintain a stable lighting, light source do not dim when the bright or flashing;

4, maintain adequate lighting;

5, the last note do not let the light direct to the eyes.

★ Use the lamp when the common sense of health lighting: for example, reading the best illuminance and age has a great relationship, the elderly need to illuminance is 15 times times the child.

★ High Frequency Eye protection why there is electromagnetic radiation:

High-frequency eye care lamp in order to overcome the 50hz fluorescent lamp stroboscopic Use 40,000 5.5 million Hz frequency, will inevitably bring the high-frequency power of electromagnetic radiation. Environmental experts point out that excessive electromagnetic radiation may cause palpitations, insomnia, leukopenia, memory loss, and even lead to reduced immune function, painstaking care system, neurological damage.

Electromagnetic radiation damage is cumulative, the closer the distance, the lighter the body weight, the greater the damage. One more point of protection, less danger has become a consensus.

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