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Eye Protection Lamp Working Principle
May 29, 2018

1. The working principle of an “eye protection lamp”: raising the low-frequency flash to high-frequency flashing. This eye-protection lamp adopts variable-frequency electronic ballasts to increase the current frequency from 50 Hz to 30-50 kHz so that the human eye does not feel it. To strobe, and use trichromatic phosphors, making the light soft, so as to reduce the visual fatigue strobe effect is an indicator of all fluorescent tubes: strobe less obvious, the better the lighting effect.

2 Another "eye protection" works:. The alternating current is first converted to direct current, and with direct current lighting, no flickering is achieved, no visual fatigue is alleviated, and no electromagnetic radiation. Typical DC lamps include DC eye protectors (using DC ballasts) and LED lamps (using adapters).

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