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Classification Of Control Methods
May 19, 2017

1. Touch control type

The principle of the touch-type desk lamp is the internal installation of electronic touch-type IC and lamp touch at the electrode plate to form a control loop. When the human body touches the inductive electrode plate, the touch signal is transmitted to the touch sensor by pulsating direct current, and then the touch-sensitive end emits a triggering pulse signal, you can control the lights; If you touch it again, the touch signal will be transmitted to the touch-sensitive terminal by pulsating direct current, at which point the touch sensor stops emitting a triggering pulse signal, and when the AC power is over 0 o'clock, the lamp naturally goes off. However, sometimes after a power outage or voltage instability will also have their own light, if the touch of reception signal sensitivity is very good paper or cloth can be controlled.

2. Adjustable brightness

The working principle of the adjustable table lamp is composed of resistor R2, potentiometer RP1, capacitance C-capacitor phase-shifting circuit, adjusting RP1, which can change the conduction angle of the bidirectional thyristor V, thus changing the brightness of the bulb el. Resistance R1 Limited current resistance. The charging speed of C is also related to the parallel circuit. In the case of R1, RP2 fixed, the size of the shunt is determined by the resistance of the resistance RL. When the power grid voltage rises, the brightness of the lamp increases, the RL resistance becomes smaller, shunt increases, capacitance C at both ends of the voltage rise slowly, the thyristor V-leads to reduce the angle, the output voltage is reduced, the brightness decreases; conversely, when the voltage of the grid decreases, the RL resistance increases, the shunt decreases, the thyristor leads increase, the output voltage increases and the brightness increases. As a result, the brightness of the light is automatically stabilized at the set value.

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